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Admissions 03 Aug 2016 We have released Application Guidelines for Undergraduate Special Admission for International Baccalaureate.(Faculty of Global Studies・Facluty of Education) pdf
Admissions 01 Aug 2016 We have released Undergraduate Application Guidelines for International Students in April 2017.(Faculty of Global Studies) pdf
Admissions 30 Sep 2015 Application Guidelines of Special admission for International Baccalaureate has been added.
Admissions 28 Sep 2015 Application Guidelines for Faculty of Global Studies in English is now available to download.
Admissions 18 Sep 2015 Faculty of Global Studies Video has been added.
Admissions 18 Sep 2015 Faculty of Global Studies Brochure is available in Vietnamese and Nepali.
Admissions 24 June 2015 April 2016, the faculty of Global Communication will become Faculty of Global Studies, which consists of three departments.
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Shape your future - Department of Global Business


Musashino University Open Campus in November

Open Campus is going to be held at Musashino Campus on November 13th.
It’s a great opportunity to find your studies by introductions, mock classes, campus tours, and individual consultations with professors and university students.

Date Campus Department
November 13th on Sunday
Musashino Campus All Departments

Video Gallery

Watch those short video about studying at Musashino University.

Student Support


Musashino University provides its own original scholarship system in order to carry out its mission of encouraging studies and research while sending unique and talented individuals out into society. Also, we offer a qualification assistance system which provides scholarships to students who pass an examination or reach a specified level and submit the specified application. Our fully-fledged economic support allows students to focus on their studies without having to worry about other things from entering the university to graduation.


We have two dormitories, also introducing apartments in the university vicinity to students.

Kodaira Men's Dormitory

It is located in a pleasant environment,it takes about 20~25 minutes by bicycle from Musashino campus.

Kasai International Dormitory

The Kasai International Dormitory was established in April of 2015 as a place to nurture individuals with a global mindset. Japanese students and foreign students study and live in this global environment in which students from various countries from all over the world with different values come together. The formation of a wide range of personal relationships creates a place where students can have a more meaningful university lifestyle.

Club Activities:

There are about 50 official clubs and a large number of student group available.