MU-NET: Wireless LAN

What is MU-NET (wireless LAN)?

MU-NET is a wireless LAN service that allows people to use the Internet on their own devices (PCs, tablets) through access points installed on campus.
MU-NET differs from the network used in the computer rooms or by staff members.
You cannot access intramural systems, printers, etc. with MU-NET, but the online databases of the Musashino University Library are available.

Rules of Use

Users of MU-NET must observe the following rules.

1. Purpose
As a rule, the use of MU-NET is restricted to academic research, education, learning, extracurricular activities and administrative work.

2. Prohibited Items
  1.  Transfer or lending of a user ID to third parties
  2.  Disclosure of your password to third parties
  3.  Act of infringement of privacy, copyright, portrait right, etc. that violates intellectual property
  4. Act that interferes with management of the network
  5.  Fraud and other criminal acts or other acts that violate laws and regulations
  6. Acts for commercial purposes
  7. P2P (peer-to-peer) communication for the purpose of exchange files
  8. Downloading for purposes other than the purpose of use provided in 1 above
  9. Viewing of videos for purposes other than the purpose of use provided in 1 above
  10. Illegal use of this system or acts of aiding and abetting thereof
  11.  Acts of altering or destroying other programs, data, etc.
  12.  Acts that are contrary to other laws and regulations and social practices

3. Suspension of Use
In the event of an act that falls under the description stated above, it will be investigated, which may result in the offender's use of the network being suspended.

Important Notes

1. Devices
Accessing the network with computers on which anti-virus software has not been installed, other computers that are infected with a virus, or OS's that are no longer supported is prohibited.
Use the network with computers on which the latest security patch has been installed.

2. Access Limit
The number of computer devices that can access one access point is limited (approximately 100 devices).
You cannot access MU-NET when the number of computer devices accessing it exceeds the limit.

3. Communication
Avoid downloading large files, viewing videos, etc. by multiple persons simultaneously.
Example: Downloading a 100 MB or larger file by multiple persons at the same time in class, etc.
Example: Viewing of a video on the Internet by multiple persons at the same time.

4. Speed
Unlike other networks used in general households, MU-NET uses a high-speed private network.
However, the communication speed varies depending on the performance of the device used or network usage when accessing MU-NET.
The communication speed is not guaranteed.


To access MU-NET, you need an account and SSID password distributed by the university.
The SSID password is posted on the new window for MUSCAT (Location: Myツール > 電子キャビネット > IT・ネットワーク環境 >12_MU-NET).
The SSID password for full-time staff is posted on MUSE.
Note that the SSID password is renewed every year in April.


No application is required. However, the following persons must submit a request to use MU-NET. Submit a request for use to the responsible office.
User    Responsible Office
International students under the Study Abroad Program    Student Support Office, Musashino Student Support Office
Non-degree students (credited auditors)    Student Support Office, Musashino Student Support Office
Non-degree students (shared education, nursing)    Center for University and Community Relations
Research students    Information Systems Management Office
Part-time academic staff    Academic Affairs Administrative Office, Musashino Academic Affairs Administrative Office

* MU-NET is not available for non-degree students (auditors), students of the five universities, students of the University of The Musashino Chiiki Jiyu, and students of the Correspondent Courses Education Division (Regular course students, non-degree students).

How to Access:

The manual is posted on the new window for MUSCAT (Location:Myツール > 電子キャビネット > IT・ネットワーク環境 >12_MU-NET).
The manual for full-time staff is posted on MUSE.

Access Requirements:

[Wireless LAN standard]: 5 GHz band [802.11a,n], 2.4 GHz band [802.11b,g,n]

[OS]: Computers (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, 10,Mac OS X), Tablets and smartphones (Android or iOS)

[Browser]: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari

* When accessing MU-NET using an OS or browser that is no longer supported by the company that made it or for which access instructions for MU-NET are not described, access to MU-NET is not guaranteed.

Covered Areas:

Areas covered in the Musashino and Ariake Campuses(51KB)


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