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What is Office365?

It is a cloud based service in which students can use the latest version of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

・Office365 Proplus
You can install it on your own devices (up to 15 devices such as PCs, tablets smartphones).
It includes 25GB online storage with OneDrive.

・Office Online
Also you can use Office software on your browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

It is available for free while in school.


Office365 is not available for non-degree students (auditors), students of the "Five Universities", students of the University of The Musashino Chiiki Jiyu, students of the Correspondent Courses Education Division (Regular course students, non-degree students) and part-time academic staff.

How to get it:

Visit Office 365 Self Signup site and register your name and password. Then follow the explanation on the site.
*To access  Office 365, you must use your email address provided by our university.
*At the first time  'Sign in', you need to set your password yourself.
CAUTION: Don't install Office365 via MU-NET.
Office 365 self sign up

How to use it:
When you want to install Office365 to other computers, visit Office365 portal.
Office365 portal

Students(MUSCAT): Myツール > 電子キャビネット > IT・ネットワーク環境 > 14_office365


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