Life as an International Student

Career Support

Specialized Programs Offering Dedicated Career Support for International Students to Fully Facilitate Their Employment in Japan

Musashino University supports each international student who wishes to work in Japan and offers a range of assistance programs through the International Relations Office and the Career Support Office. We hold activities, such as assigning career advisors who specialize in support for international students and inviting companies that actively recruit international students to hold information sessions on campus. To ensure that students encounter no trouble with the unique job hunting process in Japan, we offer many events on campus and provide support from early on. 
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On-campus Company Information Fairs for International Students 

Companies that actively recruit international students and companies that have hired international graduates from Musashino University in the past are invited to set up booths on campus in order to describe their industry and company and offer individual consultations. Former students and students who have received informal job offers also attend the event sometimes, providing a valuable opportunity to talk to them directly.

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Career Guidance for International Students 

External lecturers who are very familiar with the career support for international students are invited to provide guidance on topics such as how to seek employment in Japan and what qualifications are needed to do so. Workshops and other activities are used to further students’ understanding of the key points for job hunting in Japan.


Regular curricular internships are offered to first- to third-year undergraduate students as regular courses. 
To prepare for an internship, first-year students learn how to write Japanese CVs and about business etiquette, while second- and third-year students can participate in work experience programs at internship locations that have signed agreements with the university. 
Participation in internships is supported through faculty cooperation to enable international students to start job hunting activities in Japan without a hitch. 
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