Status of Residence

Extending Your Period of Stay

The period of stay for students with a status of residence of "Student" is from three months to four years and three months. To extend this period, you must apply for an extension with the regional Immigration Services Bureau for the area where you live by the end of the period of stay. You can apply for an extension any time in the three months before your period of stay expires. Students whose period of stay will expire soon must go to the Immigration Bureau themselves no later than two weeks before the period expires and submit an Application for Extension of Period of Stay.
If you stay in Japan past your specified period of stay, you may be deported or subject to a criminal penalty due to illegal residency. 
To extend your period of stay, you must show that you need to remain in Japan in order to continue the activities approved in your current status of residence. You will also be subject to a review to check that you have not engaged in any activities outside of the scope allowed for a student during your period of stay and that there are no issues with your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses, including payment methods, or problems in your daily life. 
Be sure to inform the International Relations Office when you have completed your period of stay extension procedure. 
You can find the main documents that you will need for the procedure from the following web page. 
[MUSCAT → My Tools → e-Cabinet → International Relations Office → 1. About visa renewal → (1) Documents needed to extend the period of stay (change status)]
However, the required documents may vary from person to person, so please check with the Immigration Services Bureau ( beforehand. 


(1) Submit your application request to the International Relations Office so that the office can prepare the documents for the affiliated organization.
(It takes about14 days to issue the documents.)
For information on how to request the creation of an application, see [MUSCAT → My Tools → e-Cabinet → International Relations Office → 1. About visa renewal → (2) Application for an organization certificate]
(2) Prepare the application form, which you must fill out yourself, and other required documents. (Renew your Permission to engage in an activity other than those permitted by the status of residence previously granted at the same time.)
(3) Submit your application to the Immigration Bureau.
(4) After the extension has been granted, inform the International Relations Office.
For information on how to report your extension (renewal), see [MUSCAT → My Tools → e-Cabinet        → International Relations Office → 1. About visa renewal → (4) Submitting your residence card (after renewal)]