Japanese Courses at Language Center

Exchange Students (Incoming) are divided into the "students who take Language Center Courses" and the "students who take Academic Courses".

For Exchange Students Taking Language Center Courses

The following are the main courses you will take. (As of AY2022)
Courses Accreditation at
Musashino University
Japanese 2  Yes (4 credits per half year) Transcript issued by Musashino University
(showing grades and credits earned)
LC Japanese Communication None Certificate of attendance issued by the Language Center
(showing number of class hours and grade of S, A, B, C, D, or X)
LC Japanese None
LC Japan Research None
LC Kanji None

*1 Class hours per half year are all 100 min. x 14 weeks (2021-22).

For Exchange Students Taking Academic Courses 

*Student Exchange Program participants taking academic courses choose the courses they want to take and then have interviews with the administrators and course instructor to determine the courses they will take.
*A certain level of language proficiency and expertise is needed to take academic courses.
Please see the page on "Application Criteria" for details on the application requirements.
You can see a list of courses at the pages for undergraduate schools, the department, and graduate schools.
- Undergraduate https://risyuyouran.musashino-u.ac.jp/faculty/
- Department of Global Business https://risyuyouran.musashino-u.ac.jp/faculty/global/curriculum-global/global-business/
- Graduate https://risyuyouran.musashino-u.ac.jp/daigakuin/