Seven Key Messages for International Students

1. Musashino University has a rich history and wealth of traditions and turns 100 in 2024.

Musashino University is a comprehensive university with a rich history and wealth of traditions that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. It was built in the spirit of Buddhism. The quality of our education and research achievements has continued to rise over the university’s long history. With our new brand statement, "Creating Peace & Happiness for the World," Musashino University has reformed its education and research to reach global standards. 
Spirit of Foundation
Musashino University Brand


2. A variety of learning fields is provided as an arts, science, and medicine university.

Develop your expertise while achieving a complete education in the rich environment provided by a comprehensive university. 
Choose from the Faculty of Global Studies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Data Science, Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Human Sciences, and Faculty of Engineering. 


3. Various programs for international students are available.

Musashino University has various programs for international students. Your learning is supported through programs like the Partnership Study Abroad Program, recommendations for designated overseas schools, and degree preferences. 
Find the overseas education program that suits you. 
Entrance Exam Information for International Students
Partnership Study Abroad Program, Recommendations for Designated Overseas Schools, Other


4. Expand and deepen your learning at the Ariake and Musashino campuses.

The Ariake Campus is located at Ariake, a new Tokyo waterfront subcenter at the forefront of business and information. It has been in the spotlight because it will host many 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games sporting venues, and preparations for the Games are progressing steadily. 
The Musashino Campus sprawls across Musashino, a lush natural area with a cultured atmosphere where you can enjoy seasonal beauty such as streets lined with gingko trees. 


5. Study and live in Tokyo.

Musashino University is located in the international city of Tokyo. You can easily reach trendsetting Shibuya and Harajuku and feel like you are in the center of Japanese culture.
With campuses in Kichijoji and Odaiba, which are popular areas in Tokyo, Musashino University lets you fully experience the joys of Japan in addition to school.


6. Receive full support for living in Japan as an international student.

Many students are interested in studying in Japan but worry about studying and living in a country with a different culture and customs. Musashino University supports all aspects of life for international students so that you can fully enjoy your time as a student here. 
Supporter Program
Scholarships for International Students


7. Studying abroad expands your career opportunities.

A growing number of international students want to use the knowledge and skills they learned at Musashino University to find employment with a Japanese company after graduation. Companies are also becoming more international and are increasingly hiring international students from other countries to help expand their business overseas. 
At Musashino University, the Career Support Office and the International Relations Office work together to support the careers of our international students. 
Career Support