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Musashino Japanese Studies Program (MJSP)

Musashino Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) has been implemented as a stepping stone to further internationalize Musashino University by its 100th anniversary in 2024. It is a Japanese language and culture training program centered primarily around exchanges between students from partner schools and Japanese students.
The program was first held in 2015, and every year many students take part from partner schools and exchange schools. It differs from the half-year and full-year Partnership Study Abroad Program in that the summer and winter holidays of the students’ affiliated schools are utilized to make participation easier. Upon completion of the program, participants are given a certificate of completion and report card.


- Japanese language study (practical classes specializing in conversation)
- Japanese culture experience
- Exchange events with Musashino University students
- Exchange events with local people near the university
- Other activities


Participation Requirements

Recruitment information is provided to those in charge at partner schools and exchange schools around February every year, so please contact the person in charge at your school.
 *As of 2021, students at partner schools and exchange schools can now apply individually. There are no Japanese language proficiency requirements.
Participants can join at any level, from absolute beginner to advanced.

Academic Year

AY 2015 37 participants (China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia)
AY 2016 45 participants (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea)
AY 2017 36 participants (China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines)
AY 2018 38 participants (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, England, and Malaysia)
AY 2019 60 participants (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, Spain, Australia, and Thailand)
AY 2020  *Canceled after recruitment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
AY 2021 Summer 32 participants via online (China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada)
AY 2021 Winter
34 participants via online (China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand)

Comments from Past Participants

- I made good friends. All the students at MU are friendly and cute.
- I was glad I could talk to an actual Japanese person.
- Everyone taught each other about their career backgrounds. It was very practical and helped with job hunting.
- There were tons of workshop activities. The students were also very eager.
- It was fun! I especially enjoyed the watermelon splitting game.
- Thank you very much for these 18 days. I want to enroll here and study more if I have the chance.
- The introduction to Japan by Japanese people was interesting.
- I had many great experiences at MJSP this summer. I am happy because I made great memories.
- I really enjoyed presenting what I learned in front of everyone each day. I want to experience more activities in Japanese culture.
- I was able to study practical Japanese that is often used in daily life.