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Musashino Nihongo Partners

This is a program at Musashino University for native and non-native speakers of Japanese.
Japanese partners act as conversation partners for non-native speakers of Japanese (mostly international students) inside and outside the classroom and participate in Japanese classes when requested. Events are also planned to facilitate self-initiated exchanges.

Application Requirements

- A native speaker of Japanese
- Have a desire to spread your knowledge about Japan and learn about other countries.
*You do not need any special expertise!


- Participate in Japanese classes for international students (e.g., talk about the rules of Japanese games and sports as a Japanese person)
- Participate as a guest in Japanese culture experience classes for Partnership Study Abroad Program participants
- Joint events with international student clubs
- Support for international students

How to Apply

Registration information will be posted on MUSCAT at the start of classes in the first and second semester.
If you are interested, we welcome you to register!

Comments from Members

The following are some comments from students who have registered as or applied to be Musashino Nihongo partners.  
- I think that sharing parts of Japanese culture will deepen my own understanding of Japan.  
- My department has few international students, so there aren't many opportunities to talk to people from other countries.
 - I want to study abroad someday, so I want to talk to international students at Musashino University.
 - I want to be a Japanese teacher, so I want to learn about the process of understanding Japanese and what parts are difficult to understand.
 - I want to improve my communication skills.  
- I felt lonely during my own study abroad because I did not have friends there, so I want to become a friend to international students here.