Language Center

Peer Support English

In the Peer Support English program, international students at Musashino University who are fluent in English lead conversation lessons to train other students at the university who want to improve their English conversation skills. Participation is completely free for students at the university.
Support in Japanese is also provided by dedicated English-speaking Japanese staff (with qualifications) so that even beginners can participate without hesitation.

Participation Requirements

- Have a strong desire to improve English skills with other participants.
- Completed the procedure required by Musashino University Language Center.

Training Details

- Of the four English language skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking), the training focuses primarily on listening and speaking.  
- Instead of lectures by instructors, the four English language skills are improved naturally through conversations between instructors and appointed participants.
- Questions about English are accepted outside of training hours as well.

How to Apply

Information is provided on MUSCAT, which is the univerisity's portal site.
Please see the site for details on how to participate.

Comments from Participants

- This program was different from regular English conversation schools in that I had two English instructors at all times, and it was really helpful.
- Both me and my peers at university could improve our English skills together through conversations.
- Dedicated English-speaking staff explained concepts in Japanese and English, so even beginners could feel comfortable participating.
- It was great that the system put beginners and advanced learners together to converse naturally. They asked questions that were geared to my level. We received the learning materials beforehand, and this helped me improve my English reading comprehension skills.
- I wanted to study abroad, so this was great preparatory training.
- I was able to practice using the speaking skills I developed in IELTS Preparatory Course.