Status of Residence

Returning Home (Traveling Overseas) Temporarily

When leaving Japan temporarily for a trip home or to travel abroad, you must obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Japan. 
If you leave Japan without a re-entry permit, you will have to apply for a new visa before you can enter Japan again.

  Informing the University

You must submit a "Temporary Departure from Japan Notice" before taking trips home or traveling overseas, for example during summer/supring break. (This is also required for holidays, study abroad programs, and overseas trainings.) 
You must also submit a notification to the International Relations Office for emergency trips home, for example if there is a death in the family or a family emergency. Please also contact your adviser theacher so that they do not worry. 
Please submit a "Re-entry Form" immediately after returning to (re-entering) Japan (within 2 days). 
For information on how to submit a Notification for Temporary Trips Home and Overseas Travel and a Re-entry Report, see [MUSCAT → My Tools → e-Cabinet → International Relations Office → "Temporary Departure from Japan Notice", and Re-entry Form].

  Procedure for Re-entry

1. If re-entering Japan within a year of the date of departure (special re-entry permit)

If you have a valid passport and your residence card with you when you leave Japan and you are re-entering Japan within one year of the date of departure, you do not generally need to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving. When departing, select the checkbox indicating temporary departure with intent to re-enter the country (special re-entry permit) on the Disembarkation/Embarkation Card for Reentrant and show your residence card. If the remainder of your period of permitted stay is less than a year from the date of departure, you must re-enter Japan before the end of the period of permitted stay. 
*See here for an example of how to fill out the Disembarkation/Embarkation Card for Reentrant.

2. If re-entering Japan after one year from the date of departure

Obtain a re-entry permit from the Immigration Services Bureau before leaving the country. (For example if you are taking a leave of absence due to low or policy of hone country.)
Documents required for the procedure:
- Re-entry permit application form
- Passport
- Residence card
- Revenue stamp fee for one-time re-entry (3,000 yen) or multiple-time re-entry (6,000 yen)
*You may be denied a multiple-time re-entry permit.
(The stamps are available at post offices and the Immigration Services Bureau.)
Reference (Immigration Services Agency of Japan: Re-entry Permit Application)