Status of Residence

About Status of Residence

  What is a status of residence?

A status of residence is a legal status that allows you to participate in certain activities during your stay in Japan. Foreign nationals living in Japan are permitted to engage in activities within the scope of the status of residence they received when entering Japan. Residence in Japan is limited to the period of stay stated in the status of residence. International students enrolled in a university department or graduate school must generally obtain a status of residence of "Student." If you do not have the appropriate status of residence, you cannot be enrolled.

  Residence Card

Foreign nationals who have received landing permission and will be mid- to long-term residents are issued a residence card at the airport where you land in Japan (New Chitose Airport, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Hiroshima Airport, or Fukuoka Airport).
You must carry your residence card with you at all times. You must show it to officials such as immigration inspectors, immigration control officers, and police officers when requested. You can be fined up to 200,000 yen if you do not have it with you, and refusal to show your residence card when requested can result in up to one year of imprisonment or a fine of up to 200,000 yen.
Unless you have obtained a re-entry permit, you must return your residence card to the immigration officer at the airport when leaving Japan.



For these changes, you must complete the required procedure within 14 days.

Type of Change Required Procedure Procedure at Musashino University
Change of Address Submit a notification that you are moving out to the local municipal office of your old residence, then submit a notification that you are moving in to the local municipal office of your new residence. Your new address will be written on the back of your residence card. Submit a notification of change in registration and revise your registration information.
Change of School/University Notify the immigration bureau or your local immigration office. You can also submit your notification by mail or online. 
Immigration Bureau e-Notification System
Please confirm [MUSCAT → My Tools → e-Cabinet → International Relations Office → 1. About visa renewal → ③] for the details.
You need a new residence card
(e.g., You lost your old one)
If you lose your residence card, submit a notification of lost card to your local police station or police box (koban). After that, complete the procedure to issue a new card at the Immigration Bureau.
Please report to International Relations Office by phone or e-mail when your residence card is lost.
After reissuing, the residence card number will change, so please be sure to report to the International Relations Office after updating.
For the method to report, please check [MUSCAT→ My Tool →e-Cabinet → International Relations Office → 1. About visa renewal → ④ About submission of residence card (after renewal)].