Tenure-Track Faculty Position (Accounting), Department of Global Business,Tokyo

Musashino University, located in Tokyo, Japan, is looking for a full-time, tenure-track professor (at starting rank of professor, associate professor or assistant professor depending on qualifications) to teach business courses in its undergraduate program using English as the medium of instruction in its Department of Global Business. Courses may include Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Strategic Planning and Budgeting and/or other topics.
Deadline November 30th, 2018
Date Posted 2018
Type Tenure track professor, associate professor, or assistant professor
Salary According to the University salary table, benefits package including health insurance, pension contributions, commuting expenses, and a stipend for housing.
Employment Type Full-time
Job opening 1 position
Courses Accounting A-B, Accounting Advanced A-B, Managerial Accounting A-B,
Strategic Planning and Budgeting A-B, Fundamental Seminar, Pre-seminar A-B,
Seminar A-D, Research Project
Required Qualifications・5 years of teaching experience,minimum (for professor)
・A Ph.D. or D.B.A. in a relevant field
・Academic publications
・Significant work experience in business
・Ability to teach business courses
Desired Qualifications・Preference will also be given to candidates who have international teaching experience and/or expertise and training working with students from different cultures and language backgrounds.
・Candidates should also have classroom skills that focus on student-centered approaches, including group work and other collaborative methods.
Responsibilities・Advise individual undergraduate students
・Engage in scholarly activities leading to presentation and publication
・Participate in service to the university, program and community
・Collaborate with faculty and staff on program development
Job Location Tokyo, Japan
Starting Date April 1st, 2019
Period 3 years (Position is renewable)
Application Materials・Curriculum vitae (Professional accomplishments)
    - Download a Form: Curriculum vitae
・Statements of 1) Teaching philosophy and teaching interests; 2) Research interests
・Syllabi for two courses that you do or could teach
All application materials should be sent by email to the following E-mail address;
gakuji@musashino-u.ac.jp (Faculty Administrative Office, Musashino University)
*Please put "Application for Accounting Position" on the a E-mail title.
Selection process・Document screening; Early Dec,2018
1)Mid to Late Dec,2018
2)Late Dec,2018 to Early Jan,2019(If passed the first interview)
Only successful applicants will be contacted for the first interview by E-mail.
Schedules might be slightly changed.
Inquiry Please contact us by E-mail.
Note All courses and student guidance are conducted in English.

武蔵野大学 グローバル学部 グローバルビジネス学科(会計学)
専任教員公募 募集要項

所属学部学科グローバル学部 グローバルビジネス学科
担当科目(予定) Accounting A-B、Accounting Advanced A-B、Managerial Accounting A-B、  
Strategic Planning and Budgeting A-B、Fundamental Seminar、
Pre-seminar A-B、Seminar A-D、Research Project
職名・募集人員教授、准教授または講師 1名
待遇 [給与]本学の給与規程に基づき決定する

※ 「本学所定用紙」は以下よりダウンロードしてお使いください。
履歴書および教育研究業績書(CV form):word版Excel版記入上の注意事項
※ 提出書類に不備がある場合は、審査の対象とはなりません。
※ 提出書類に含まれる個人情報は、選考及び採用以外の目的に使用いたしません。
応募期限平成30年11月30日(金) 当日必着
選抜方法(1)一次選考:書類審査 2018年12月上旬
※ 書類審査の後、該当者に面接のご連絡をいたします。
(2)二次選考:面接(2回) 2018年12月中旬~2019年1月上旬
※ 選考スケジュールは若干変更する場合があります。
学部事務課 gakuji@musashino-u.ac.jp
※ メールの標題に、“Application for Accounting Position” と明記してください。
問い合わせ先武蔵野大学 大学事務部学部事務課(担当:高木・福島)
E-mail:gakuji@musashino-u.ac.jp  TEL:03-5530-7730(直通)