Online databases
Online journals and databases are protected with the Copyright Act and have been subscribed to through respective service contracts. While services provided differ depending on each contract, the following acts are prohibited.
  • Downloading and printing of search results for any purpose other than academic purposes
  • Downloading massive amounts of data in a short period of time #
  • Electronic redistribution of search results without permission (transferring them via e-mail and/or posting on web sites)
  • Other violation of copyrights and/or intellectual property rights, such as the publication, duplication, translation, modification, resale of search results

Please note that should any of the prohibited acts above be committed, a whole contract might be suspended, and/or legal actions might be taken against the university.
Even some databases accessible off-campus free of charge claim copyright obligations.
Read each "notes to use" and use the content legitimately.

# What does "downloading massive amounts of data" define?
• Batch processing with download support tools
• Systematic downloads
• Holding down the F5 key (page reload key) continuously (F5 attack)
• Manual access and download simultaneously
Do not view entire page with browser tabs since it is regarded as an illegal act

Scifinder-n, the next generation of SciFinder has been distributed.

Ecology Express
Ecology Express has ended its services on March 31, 2020.

[Trial use] eBook trialデータベースの変更

Choose individual database from the following list to search specific subject, rather than use search boxes above.
The database list is alphabetical order. Drop-down options allow you to refine databases by subject or feature.
Confirm to sign out when you use and finish databases with ○ after its name.

database user's guide subject feature full-text article concurrent session off-campus
beck-online [Beck]User's guidelawunlimited○ until June 30*period may be shortened
Britannica Online [Encyclopaedia Britannica]User's guidedictionary, encyclopediaunlimited
Britannica Online Japan [Britannica Japan]User's guidedictionary, encyclopediaunlimited
Business Source Elite [EBSCO]User's guideeconomy, businesssearch articlessome availableunlimited
CINAHL with Full Text [EBSCO]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articlessome available1 unlimited until June 30
CiNii Articles [NII]User's guidegeneralsearch articles
CiNii Books [NII]generalsearch books
CiNii Dissertations [NII]generalsearch articles
Database of Reserch Thesis in Japanese Literature [National Institute of Japanese Literature]User's guideliteraturesearch articles
Drugdex [IBM Watson Health]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articlessome available1, application required and exclusive to Musashino Library
EBSCO databases [EBSCO]User's guidegeneral
EBSCO eBook Collection [EBSCO]Trial until Aug, 10User's guidegenerale-books1 per book at a time partially unlimited until June 30
Ecology Express [NTT Data Smart Sourcing]○ Closed on March 31, 2020User's guideenvironmental science1
EconLit [American Economic Association:EBSCO]User's guideeconomy, businesssearch articlessome available1 unlimited until June 30
e-Gov [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication]information of the Japanese government
EndNote Basic [Thomson Reuters]User's guidereference management
eol (Japan and Asia) [Pronexus]User's guidecompany informationuseful for job hunting1
ERIC [Education Resources Information Center:ProQuest]User's guideeducationsearch articlessome availableunlimited
ERIC [Education Resources information Center]User's guideeducationsearch articlessome available
e-Stat [National Statistics Center]statistics, annual reports
Explore the British Library [British Library]search books
former Gale Virtual Reference Library
User's guidegenerale-booksunlimited
GreenFILE [EBSCO]User's guideenvironmental science
G-Search [G-Search]User's guidenewspapersearch articlessome availableapplication required. read user's guide before using
Hanrei Hisho Internet [LIC]User's guidelaw2, application required
Hein Online [William S. Hein & Co., Inc]User's guidelawsearch articlessome availableunlimited, exclusive to members of the faculty of law
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers [ProQuest:NII-REO]User's guideHouse of Commons Parliamentary Paperssearch articlesall availableunlimited
Ichushi web [Japan Medical Abstracts Society]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articlesunlimited []User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical scienceunlimited
iyakuSearch Plus [JAPIC]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesome available
Japan Chronicle Online [Brill]User's guidenewspaperunlimited
Japan Educational Press [Japan Educational Press]newspaperapplication required to get full-text articles
Japan Knowledge Lib [Net Advance]User's guidedictionary, encyclopedia4 50 until July 31
JDreamIII [JST:G-Search]User's guidenatural science, chemistrysearch articlessome available5
J-GLOBAL [JST]User's guidenatural science, chemistrysearch articles
J-STAGE [JST]User's guidenatural science, chemistry
JSTOR [JSTOR]User's guideeconomy, businessunlimited
juris [JURIS]User's guidelawunlimited
Kanpo Joho Kensaku Service [National Printing Bureau]○User's guidelaw1, application required
Kikuzo II Visual [Asahi Simbun] User's guidenewspaperuseful for job hunting3 50 until June 30
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts [EBSCO]User's guidelibrary, information science and technology
magazineplus [Nichigai Associates]User's guidegeneralsearch articles3
Maisaku [The Mainichi Newspapers:G-Search]User's guidenewspaperuseful for job hunting1 50 until July 31
Maruzen eBook Library [Maruzen]User's guidegenerale-books1 per book at a time partially 50 access until July 31
Medical Online [Meteo]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articlessome availableunlimited
MEDLINE with Full Text [National Library of Health:EBSCO]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical scienceunlimited
MENDELEY [Elsevier]User's guidereference management
Mergent Online [Mergent]User's guidecompany information11
Musashino University Library OPAC [Musashino University Library]search books
National Diet Library Digital Collection [National Diet Library]notegeneralapplication required to read and make copies of "available only at the NDL and partner libraries" articles
NDL Online [National Diet Library]search books
Newspaper Source Plus [EBSCO]User's guidenewspaper, journalunlimited
Nihon Bungaku Web Library [Koten Library]User's guide, noteliterature2
Nihon Kenchiku Gakkai Ronbun tou Kensaku System [Architectural Institute of Japan]available from off-campus until June 30User's guidearchitectureunlimited, sign-up required
NII-REO Online Journal Archive [National Institute of Informatics]User's guidegeneralunlimited
Nikkei BP Kiji Kensaku [NikkeiBP]User's guidegeneraluseful for job huntingunlimited
Nikkei Telecom21 [Nihon Keizai Shimbun]User's guidenewspaperuseful for job hunting5
PILOTS/MEDLINE [ProQuest]User's guidepsychologyunlimited
PressReader [PressReader]User's guidenewspaper, journalunlimited
ProQuest Databases [ProQuest]User's guidegeneralunlimited
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses A&I[ProQuest]User's guidegeneralsearch articlesunlimited
ProQuest New York Times [New York Times:ProQuest]User's guidenewspaper, journalunlimited
ProQuest Research Library [ProQuest]User's guidegeneralsearch articlessome availableunlimited
PsycARTICLES [American Psychological Association:EBSCO]User's guidepsychologysearch articlesall availableunlimited
PsycINFO [American Psychological Association:EBSCO]User's guidepsychologysearch articlessome availableunlimited
PubMed@Musashino University
New PubMed / Legacy PubMed
User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articles
ReadCube Web Reader [Labtiva]User's guidereference management
Royal Society of Chemistry [Royal Society of Chemistry]User's guidenatural science, chemistryunlimited
Saishin Kango Sakuin [JNA:JAMAS]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencesearch articlessome available2
ScienceDirect [Elsevier]User's guide, notegeneralunlimited
SciFinder [American Chemical Society]○ available from off-campus until June 15User's guide, notenatural science, chemistryunlimited, sign-up required
SciFinder-n (New) [American Chemical Society]○ available from off-campus until June 15User's guide, notenatural science, chemistryunlimited, sign-up required
Scopus [Elsevier]User's guidegeneralsearch articlesunlimited
Social Work Abstracts [National Association of Social Workers(NASW) : EBSCO]User's guidesocial welfare1 unlimited until June 30
SpringerLink [Springer]User's guidegeneralunlimited
Teacher Reference Center [EBSCO]User's guideeducation
The Cochrane Library [Cochrane Collaboration:Wiley Online]User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical scienceunlimited
TKC Law Library [TKC]User's guidelaw10 or 5 partially 60 until Aug. 31(depends on the individual title)○ until Aug. 31
Toyo Keizai Digital Contents Library [Toyo Keizai]User's guidecompany informationuseful for job huntingunlimited
VISUALEARN CLOUD [Institute of Audio-Visual Medical Education]
PC version○ / Smartphone version
User's guidepharmacology, nursing, medical sciencevideo materials50
Web OYA-bunko [Oya-bunko]User's guidegeneralsearch articles1
Webcat Plus Minus-ß[National Institute of Informatics]search books
Westlaw NEXT [Thomson Reuters]User's guidelawunlimited
Wiley Online Library [John Wiley and Sons Inc.]User's guide, notegeneralunlimited
WorldCat [OCLC]search books
Yomidas Rekishikan [The Yomiuri Shimbun]User's guidenewspaperuseful for job hunting2 100 until July 31
Yuhikaku ebook service (for Musashino University) [Yuhikaku]User's guidelawe-books1 access per book at a time
Zassaku Plus [Koseisha]User's guidegeneralsearch articles1 unlimited until June 10