To check out library items, apply for borrowing at the circulation desk.
The security alarm will work when a book is being taken out without checked out.
The library has only a single copy of each book. Handle items with care in order not to damage or lose them.

Items for loan
Checkout privileges
Number of items Loan period Renewals
1st, 2nd, 3rd year students
4th year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Non-degree students
Occasional students
Students of the distance Learning Division
Alumni registered as users
Institutional staff
20 14 days 3 times
4th year students
5th & 6th year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Graduate students
Graduate students of the Distance Learning Division
20 30 days 2 times

# Recommended books and recommended books for Distance Learning Division can be kept for seven days and renewed once with some exceptions. Check with the circulation desk staff when checking them out.
# Checkout privileges for Distance Learning Division students are determined separately.
# Loan periods are set longer for summer and spring vacations.
# To check out library items for practical trainings, apply at the circulation desk.

Overnight loan (Reference books only)
Loan period Monday-Thursday 17:00-10:40 following morning Up to 5 items per user
Friday 17:00-10:40 Monday morning
Saturday Opening-10:40 Monday morning

Damage or loss