Letter of Introduction and Instructions for Use

A letter of introduction is required to use libraries of other universities and research institutes (hereinafter the "Visited Library").
Follow the procedure indicated below.
A letter of introduction cannot be issued unless users have determined items they want to use and the date for a visit. The items must be other than those included in the Musashino University Library holdings.
Requests from students, faculty and administrative staff members are accepted at the circulation desk of the Musashino University libraries. To inquire, visit Musashino or Ariake library.

*Tasks done by the library
Preliminary Confirmation Make a request *Communication between Musashino Univ. library and the Visited Library *Issuance of a letter of introduction Visit and use

[Preliminary confirmation]
We need the following information

If you have any questions, contact the circulation desk.

[Using the Visited Library]