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Notes to use online journals

Online journals are protected with the Copyright Act and have been subscribed to through respective service contracts. While services provided differ depending on each contract, the following acts are prohibited.

  • Downloading and printing of search results for any purpose other than academic purposes
  • Downloading massive amounts of data in a short period of time #
  • Electronic redistribution of search results without permission (transferring them via e-mail and/or posting on web sites)
  • Other violation of copyrights and/or intellectual property rights, such as the publication, duplication, translation, modification, resale of search results

Please note that should any of the prohibited acts above be committed, a whole contract might be suspended, and/or legal actions might be taken against the university.
Even some databases accessible off-campus free of charge claim copyright obligations.
Read each "notes to use" and use the content legitimately.

# What does "downloading massive amounts of data" define?
• Batch processing with download support tools
• Systematic downloads
• Holding down the F5 key (page reload key) continuously (F5 attack)
• Manual access and download simultaneously
Do not view entire page with browser tabs since it is regarded as an illegal act