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Conference Fees/大会参加費

Those living in Japan are required to pay by May 31st to qualify for the “discounted fees.” However, those living outside Japan will be permitted to pay the “discounted fees” at the time of the conference; no need to pay ahead.

A) Discounted Conference Fees (For those who register and pay by May 31st;those residing outside Japan can pay at the conference)

Regular: (Include Sat. reception)6,000 yen一般(土曜日懇親会含む)6,000円
Students: (Include Sat. reception)5,000 yen学生(土曜日懇親会含む)5,000円
Regular: (Conference only)2,500 yen一般(大会費のみ)2,500円
Students: (Conference only)2,000 yen学生(大会費のみ)2,000円

B) Regular Conference Fees (For those who register or pay after May 31st up to the day of the conf.)

Regular: (Include Sat. reception)7,000 yen一般(土曜日懇親会含む)7,000円
Students: (Include Sat. reception)6,000 yen学生(土曜日懇親会含む)6,000円
Regular: (Conference only)3,000 yen一般(大会費のみ)3,000円
Students: (Conference only)2,500 yen学生(大会費のみ)2,500円


Bank Payment/銀行振込

(Again, those residing outside Japan need not pay ahead.)

銀行:三菱東京UFJ銀行Bank:The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
支店:武蔵境駅前支店(支店番464)Branch:Musashisakai (No. 464)
口座番号:(普通)0193233Account No.:(ordinary)0193233
口座名:武蔵野大学仏教文化研究所 代表 ケネス タナカ Name:Musashino University Institute of Buddhist Culture

※ Please make sure that the “name” of the sender can be read.