• 2018.11

     I went to Gdansk, Poland in November 2018 and attended the International Conference on Human Rights. Gdansk is a port town facing the Baltic Sea in the northern part of Poland, a city that was called Danzig during the German rule era. It is also the birthplace of the philosopher Schopenhauer. At this conference I have made a presentation titled "On Human Rights of Dead People". Based on the symbolic example that Galileo was apologized from the Roman church in the 20th century, I raised questions; can the dead be hurt? how could the recovery of the human rights of the deceased be understood? Polish people seemed to have few philosophical researchers, and there were many people related to law and sociology. They were primarily talking about human rights suppression in Communist era. In this way, entering a foreign land and discussing with heterogeneous researchers is nervous, but I also feel the joy as a researcher. When I said that Polish is related to the names of three people, namely, Copernicus, Chopin, Mrs. Curie, everyone was smiling. Anyway, this time I feel that the itinerary to go to Gdansk was very hard. I chose via Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, but the transit waiting time at the airport is long. I was exhausted. Later on, I noticed that by using Polish Airlines via Warsaw, I could save a lot of time. Oh, I thought about how poor information I had. Polish Airlines to Warsaw is not every day, but five flights per week are coming out and seems to be very convenient. I have a connection with Poland, so when I go there next time I will use Polish Airlines.
     Polish is very difficult, is not it? However, "Dziękuję bardz" meaning "Thank you so much" can make enough pronunciation in Katakana.


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