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[NEW] 3rd Term Adjustment Period for AY2023
 Registration periodAnnouncement of the results
of Capacity Limit for 
Registration period ※1 ※2
Students can AddStudents can Drop
3rd Term Adjustment Period9/29(Fri) 9:00- 10/2(Mon) 23:59
If you are not allowed to take courses,
you will be informed on MUSCAT.
4th Term Courses
Fall Semester,
3rd Term,4th Term Courses
※1 For an excess of class capacity, course registration will be limited. Students whose course registration is not allowed will be informed on MUSCAT on 6/28 and their course registration will automatically be deleted.Be sure to check MUSCAT.

※2 Regardless of the capacity limit notice, be sure to check  "Course related information"on MUSCAT after 9:00 on 10/5(Thu).
・Notes on Course Registration
Confirm Notes on Course Registration and complete your course registration.
Notes on Course Registration

The credits acquired from online courses are limited to 60 credits for the necessary credits for graduation requirements. 
If the number of credits acquired from online courses exceeds 60 credits, it will not be counted as necessary credits for 
graduation requirements.
For more information, see the Learning Guide.

・Schedule for intensive courses Updated: 9/4(Mon)
・List of courses exceeding class capacity
・List of reopen courses
・Courses students cannot register on MUSCAT

Course Registration is restricted on MUSCAT for certain students and courses. In that case, students need to submit Course Registration Form during a course registration period. Please refer to「窓口登録の対象科目・対象者一覧」for the subject courses and students.

・Requisites for the next year levels and Graduation Requirements
・Measures for slowing the spread of COVID-19 (Student actions)_Ariake Campus
・Online Class Space and PC Rooms_Ariake Campus
【Ariake Campus Online Class Space】
  1-306, 1-406, 4-403, TOC Ariake T-301, 302, 303

※ Please refer to Online Class Space Guide (Ariake Campus) for the details.
※ PC is not provided, so bring your own PC.

【Reservation site】
・Reservation page

※ Reservation is required for use from 1st to 4th periods on weekdays as the number of seats in each classroom is limited.

【PC Rooms】
If you don't have a class appointment, you can use it.
       Check the MUSCAT or the attendance card reader at the classroom for availability times.

〇CLS(Building No.2 1F)

 Available hours are based on CLS opening hours.
 Class period 8:40 - 20:00
 Outside of school hours 8:40~16:50
AY 2023 schedule for all kinds of guidance

All kinds of guidance will be held after late March.
Confirm the details as follows.

Sophomore/Junior/Senior students from Ariake
➤ Sophomore/Junior/Senior students from Musashino

Freshman students from Ariake
Freshman students from Musashino


Academic Guidance for2nd year and above
(Department of Global Business)


Academic Guidance for Freshman
(Department of Global Business)

● Regarding Course Registration, MUSCAT, and Learning Management System (Course Power)
       Academic Affairs Administrative Office

*In general, a reply should be given on MUSCAT within the day for the inquiry sent before 3:00 PM (weekdays). It may take longer for busy seasons and complicated inquiries. Students will not receive replies during office closure periods (Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, etc.).

●   FAQ for Course / Learning 
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