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Cultural Subjects

The Department of Global Business offers lectures all taught in English. In addition to lectures taught by our teaching staff, who have played active roles in the global business world, Q&A sessions and presentations are all carried out in English. Students efficiently develop a practical English communication capability by thinking in English, speaking in English, and discussing in English.


Practically Learn Global Issues in “Global Studies” and “Global Project”

The term “global issue ” refers to various problems arising from the flow of people and languages across borders as society becomes more globalized. In a required course, “Global Studies, ” in the second year, students will learn how multilingual and multicultural convivial society is supposed to be formed, and its related problems, followed by conducting proactive research of global issues in “Global Project ” in the third year. Each group will present various ideas, make plans and conduct research accordingly, and make a presentation after analyzing their research findings. In our department, students are required to conduct research in global issues based on business-related themes and acquire practical skills that can be utilized in global business.
世界で活躍するには、国境を越えた世界規模の課題に対する見識を持つことも必要です。本学では2・3年次必修の「Global Studies 」「Global Project 」の授業で、グループワークやプレゼンテーションを通してグローバルイシューについて調査研究を深めます。


Make Friends from over
Many Countries and Regions —
“Study Abroad” while Studying in Japan

At the Department of Global Business, international students from all over the world and local Japanesestudents learn together. Although the department’s off icial language is English , its global environment , where different languages are routinely spoken, offers a virtual experience of studying abroad while studying in Japan. Those students who are inexperienced in using English often get perplexed at the beginning; however, as they are exposed to English every day and begin making more friends from different countries, they can enjoy “foreign language communication” within a few months. Students eventually realize that learning languages is not the ultimate goal but a tool that further deepens their mind through English communication.

Student's Voice
Learning to broaden my horizons, and the courage to speak without fear of mistakes , taught me the joy of communication.
Yuki Tokiyoshi
4th -year Student
From Chiba Keiai High School
About two-thirds of my classmates are from outside Japan. The classroom feels like a foreign country, with English flying all around. Wanting to learn English since I was a child, I feel this kind of environment is a study abroad program in Japan, so it really appealed to me. Because all kinds of international ideas are shared in conversation with friends, we have a first-hand opportunity to gain a global perspective on things, including business, in the department. In the first year, I struggled immensely to understand my classmates ’ English, and communicate my ideas to them, so when I did understand someone or make someone understand me, it felt amazing! Take a chance and start a conversation. Even if things do not go great the first time, you learn from the experience and that is a step in the right direction! Right now, with the support of my friends and teachers, I am taking on a speech contest and short-term study abroad, all while working towards my next challenge.