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MIGA History

About MIGA

The Musashino Institute for Global Affairs (MIGA) is a university-affiliated thinktank committed to providing academic insights and policy solutions on various challenges surrounding international security and sustainable growth of the world economy, and redefining Japan’s role in this new age of interna-tional relations.   

Originally established at Meiji University in 2011, MIGA had relocated its base to Musashino University in April 2018, aiming to further develop its activities while maintaining its original vision and spirit, core members and projects.  

MIGA places its clear focus on assembling knowledge and wisdom from all sectors, namely academia, business and industry, and the government into its research. The research projects include the world economy, diplomacy, international security, social security, technological innovation, and corporate governance.  Alongside those research activities, MIGA has been solely and jointly organizing many symposiums and workshops.  

Through such engagement activities, MIGA further envisions to create and fos-ter an international network of academic organizations such as thinktanks and universities.

Research Projects

I. International Relations/National Security
i. A New Order in the Asia-Pacific
ii. Current Affairs in the Middle East
iii. EU Studies

II. Economic Policy
i.    Healthcare Policy
ii.    Evolution of Informational Technology and its policy
iii.    Corporate Governance


・Column Series: MIGA World Diagnosis
Since 2012, MIGA World Diagnosis has provided in-depth analyses on various current affairs based on our research findings.  So far, MIGA has published a total of seventy-one columns from 2012 to 2017.

Future Vision

MIGA aspires to facilitate discussions and in-depth analysis of the current affairs and challenges that the world faces today by working together with the practitioners and researchers around the world.   

Technological innovation and globalization that has progressed exponentially from the end of the 20th century, has been reshaping the order of the world economy and international security. Such progress has brought about rapid economic growth and prosperity to many countries, but it has also generated destabilizing factors: burgeoning financial risk, soaring energy consumption, widening economic disparity, the mismatch between technology and regulatory system, the disproportion between social security burden and benefits.

On the national security side, technological innovation and globalization brought an end to the Cold War, but at the same time, has given rise to regional conflicts, terrorism, civil wars, and new issues, such as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and cyber terrorism.

Amid such development, finding solutions is imperative for the world to enjoy peace and prosperity derived from sustainable growth. Controlling various economic risks, stabilizing international security environment, advancing technological innovation and its control, and regulating global corporate manage-ment is much needed.   

Japan is still highly regarded in many fields, and so taking initiatives in resolving various global challenges together with international researchers and practitioners are crucial and called for if Japan is to maintain its presence in the in-ternational community. What is needed is to strengthen and invigorate its foundation for international exchanges, and MIGA strives through its research and engagement activities to contribute to such needs. 



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