About our department -Students talk


 Kaori Nonogami
Second-year Student ※
From Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School
Yuka Muranishi
Third-year Student ※
From Okayama Joto High School 
 ※The grade at the time of the interview. 

After joining this University,
how did you improve your English skills ?


Muranishi:We study with students from overseas in class. Everybody speaks English really well. In fact, when I first started attending the university I was worried I might not be able to get used to how fast everyone talks! And I was really nervous when I had to stand in front of the whole class and give a presentation.
Nonogami:But the presentations are fun! In my Practical Communication class, I gave a marketing presentation just like the ones used in real business. I learned real business English that way and it’s been a big help.

Muranishi:For sure. We can learn living English here. And everyone’s accent is different, so we can hear English as it’s spoken by students from a wide range of countries.
Nonogami:The students here really do come from a wide variety of countries. For example, Nepal, Taiwan, and Denmark. I’m a student from Malaysia, and a lot of students speak English as a second foreign language as I do. The atmosphere here is like living in a different country.
Muranishi:What’s great about this Department is that we can learn about all kinds of things—cultures, political systems, societies, you name it. We become aware of so many things we would never have learned surrounded by other Japanese students. It broadens your horizons.


Tell us about some memorable episodes for you at the Department of Global Business.


Nonogami:There’s a really friendly vibe among the students at this Department. Doing group work in class is so much fun! We work as a group to research a certain theme, talk about it together, then we settle on a direction and present our results. The whole process is lots of fun! Creating something together is a wonderful experience.
Muranishi:Sharing cultures and different ways of thinking with people from other countries is fun! And the feedback I get from my classmates after a presentation is really valuable. It’s a great motivator and it makes me want to improve my English all the more.

Nonogami:It’s a kick to hang out with my classmates after class hours, too. The other day it was the birthday of a Danish friend of mine, so we all went to a pizza restaurant to celebrate. It was so interesting chatting with people from Nepal, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries, before we knew it we’d been at the restaurant for 3 to 4 hours.
Muranishi:Awesome! Sounds like fun! Invite me along next time! I get together with everyone after class too. Just recently we played futsal together. We formed multinational futsal teams. It was a blast.


What are your dreams for life after you graduate?


Muranishi:I want to launch my own brand of lingerie and do business all over the world.
Nonogami:Wow, that’s a beautiful dream! For me, after I do an internship in Japan and get some work experience in the business world here, picking up some confidence, I want to work in Europe or the United States.
Muranishi:I also want to do business on the world stage. I want to study, do internships—I want to challenge myself in all kinds of ways.