Faculty of Global Studies

Musashino University ?

Musashino University is a university with a rich more than 90-year history located in the heart of Tokyo. The university consists of 19 Departments within 11 Faculties, as well as 11 Graduate Programs


Image of Dr. Junjirou Takakusu

The Musashino Girl’s School was established by Dr. Junjirou Takakusu (1866-1945) in 1924, based on the educational principle of “Buddhist-based Human Education”. Dr. Takakusu was the recipient of the prestigious Culture Award in 1944. The school was expanded as Musashino Women’s College in 1965, finally becoming a co-educational institution as Musashino University in 2003.

Brand Statement (Mission) & Brand Mark

School Logo

Our brand statement is a statement symbolizing our brand vision. Musashino University encourages students, faculty members, and all other persons involved in the university to strengthen their sensitivity, wisdom, and ability to resonate and create together to realize peace and happiness for the world. This statement also represents our desire to spread our vision and resonate with others through education and research.

WHY Musashino University?

Excellent Student-Professor Interaction

Tokyo Life

We boast a Student to Professor Ratio of 33:1 (for a year). Moreover, the student population is composed of 62.5% International Students and 37.5% Japanese Students. This guarantees many opportunities for intercultural exchange.

"Musashino Basis"

First year students are placed in cross-departmental courses constituting the core Musashino Basis curriculum. This core liberal arts curriculum exposes students to fundamental knowledge from various fields and diverse ways of thinking. Through the courses, the students cultivate their knowledge, enhance their information gathering and communication skills, as well as develop their ability to identify and solve problems. All of these skills are reinforced through a highly student-centered learning environment, at the same time fostering students’ teamwork ethic and leadership skills.

Discover Japan

Discover Japan

Not only can you learn about Japanese business practices, but you can also experience Japanese life up close and grasp the richness of local culture. You can gain perspectives and insights which can be utilised beyond your university studies.

Department of Global Business

Students learn management and business using English as a common language with Japanese students in the Department of Global Business. This department features studying two languages other than your native language from English, Chinese and Japanese. This type of education fosters individuals who can be active in a global environment such as global companies including trading, finance and manufacturing companies as well as international agencies of Japanese and foreign companies.

Professor of Global Business

Department of Global Business at a Glance

Degree offered Bachelor of Global Business
Programme duration Four years (Academic year begins in April)
Department International Students 62.5%, Japanese 37.5%
Student-Department Ratio 33:1
Areas for Study Business Economics, Accounting, Marketing in Global Business, Organizational Behavior, Strategy in Global Business, Global Trading
Where you will learn For your first year, you will attend Musashino Campus. From the second year onwards, you will attend classes at Ariake Campus.
Professors who have wealth operational experience
  • Toshiba corporation
  • Toshiba America Inc.
  • Toshiba corporation
  • 3M Japan
  • UBS Securities Japan Ltd
  • The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Coca-Cola Customer Marketing Company Co
Example of graduates’ future occupation Global entities:Trading Companies, global financial companies, manufacturing companies, International organizations

Core Competencies

The students in the Department of Global Business can acquire the capabilities below in close communication with faculty members in small classes .

  1. Two non-native languages from English, Chinese and Japanese which reach at sufficient communication level in the global business world.
  2. Especially, high level English capability as a common communication tool in the global business world by studying at specialized business courses only in English.
  3. Practical ability to accommodate to culture diversity by interaction between international students and Japanese students, and also through learning different cultures in classes.
  4. Ways of thinking and methodologies to implement business and to continue to make life long intellectual investment in order to achieve successful business career.
  5. Practical application capability in the global business world by combined instructions by both academic oriented faculty members and faculty members with executive level experience of global business.
  6. Understanding different corporate culture and customs, in particular of Japan, U.S.A., Europe, Large Chinese Area ( mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore) at only in Department of Global Business, because the department has faculty members who have executive level business experience in those areas. This is “One Stop Shopping” style course management in the department.

Greeting from our professor

Professor Global Studies

We are said to be living in an age of globalization where people, things, information and technology go beyond national borders. Globalization affects so many facets of our society.
Our Faculty of Global Studies aims to develop leaders who can play active roles in this globalizing world. With this in mind, we provide you with the opportunities to enhance your abilities to interact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and prepare you for the global opportunities that lie ahead.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you here at Musashino University.

Professor Yoichi Shimemura

Curriculum Outline

Fundamental subjects

  • "Musashino BASIS" : A compulsory course for the First year students
  • Basic Seminar
  • Accounting

Language Education

  • English : English for Qualifications, Practical Communication, Reading for business studies, Business Writing, Business Presentation, Business Meeting/Integrated Skills for Qualifications, Integrated Skills for Communication
  • Japanese : Basic Japanese, Japanese
  • Chinese : Chinese, Chinese for Qualifications

Introductory Subjects

  • Introduction to Business Studies
  • Management
  • Research Method for Business Studies
  • Internship

Advanced Subjects

  • Managerial Accounting A,B
  • Statistics for Business Studies A,B
  • Financial Services A,B
  • Global Trading A,B
  • Organizational Behavior A,B
  • Strategy in Global Business A,B
  • China Business Studies A,B
  • Advanced China Business Studies A,B
  • Hospitality A,B
  • Advanced Marketing in Global Business A,B

Multicultural Education

  • Global Studies
  • Global Project
  • Special Lectures


  • Seminar
  • Research Project for Graduation Thesis

A message from Alumni

I learned a lot of things which can be utilized in actual business environment.

I have been studying corporate analysis since high school and I had an interest in the Japanese language. I decided to go to Musashino University because I could study corporate analysis there. When I first started, I was not very good at Japanese.
However, I gained more opportunities to spend time with Japanese students and made friends so I gradually got used to living here. I realized and knew that it is important to interact with Japanese people in order to improve my Japanese abilities. I attended seminars on corporate analysis and marketing were beneficial in my studies. The seminar teachers are brilliant researchers who taught me about business from a number of different points of view including topics separate from the subject matter of the seminar. At Musashino University, I learned a lot of things which can be utilized in actual business environments. After graduating, I got a job at a Japanese company. Getting a job in Japan involves fully getting to know oneself through the process of job hunting. Musashino University also provides an extremely useful support system including recruitment information and employment examination strategies. I would like to be able to make contributions towards exchanges between Japan and my home country while utilizing the knowledge and experience I gained studying at Musashino University.

Khanal Lokraj [Nepal]

Dean of Global Studies

Fees and funding

Tuition & Fees(The first year)

For 2019 Spring Entry
Payment period Spring Autumn Total
Entrance Fees 180,000 JPY off for international applicants 0 JPY
Tuition Fees 385,000 JPY 385,000 JPY 770,000 JPY
Educational Enrichments Fees 135,600 JPY 131,000 JPY 266,600 JPY
Total 520,600 JPY 516,000 JPY 1,036,600 JPY


Musashino University has a number of scholarship options for students, as well as an exemption from the entrance fee (180,000 JPY) for international students.
Musashino University provides its own original scholarship system in order to carry out its mission of encouraging studies and research while sending unique and talented individuals out into society. Also, we offer a qualification assistance system which provides scholarships to students who pass an examination or reach a specified level

Scholarship/Bursary for Global Leaders

If you cleared specified level, you will be eligible to receive an annual non-repayable scholarship. (*excluding living costs)
*For Department of Global Business only, excluding International Student Entrance Examination conducted in Japan.

Level Scholarship Amount Duration Total amount
Global-S Tuition Fees and Educational Enhancement Fees 100% off 4 years Approx. 4,380,000 JPY
Global-A Tuition Fees 100% off Approx. 3,080,000 JPY
Global-B Tuition Fees 50% off Approx. 1,540,000 JPY
Global-C Tuition Fees 30% off Approx. 924,000 JPY

Accommodation : Dormitory

Kasai International Dormitory

Kasai International Dormitory

Students have the option of living in a dormitory where international students and Japanese students live together.This dormitory is approximately 30 minutes from Ariake Campus by train and foot.
There are 86 rooms.

For international students
Monthly rent 35,000 JPY
Additionally administration costs 5,000 JPY

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